Thursday, 5 August 2010

Remember Me??

I seem to be making these kinds of post quite a bit, remember my intentions are always good!

I have many ideas and a vision for where I would like to see the store and blog go in the future, and bit by bit I hope to make that a reality. The store now has a new storefront and a little bit of a "freshen up", and over the course of the next few weeks I will be uploading some more items.

I have finally learnt after all this time, that the only way I can achieve these goals is to take it little by little instead of wanting to fulfill the urge to have it all done in an instant. As that always results in nothing being done.

Unfortunately, due to sometimes experiencing poor health and running another business with my husband, I find that all I can manage is to stay on top of orders, and getting them packed and sent out as quickly as possible, which is one of the most important parts of running an ebay store. That is what my number one priority is. Getting the product in your hands as quickly as possible, because I know there is nothing worse than having to wait forever for something to come in the mail.
It all boils down to doing what is realistic, not what our hearts desire may be (as that usually, in my case anyway, seems to be out of reach).

So with all that said, the excitement of seeing new releases from CHA in the US has inspired me.....

Friday, 8 January 2010

Holiday Notice

The store will still be available for purchasing next week, but I won't be here. I have limited access to emails during that time, and may be able to answer questions.

So official holiday period is from Monday 11th Jan - Friday 15th Jan. If you would like to purchase something and have it sent prior to Monday, it must be paid for (only Paypal for it to be posted Monday) by Sunday evening so I can package it and post it first thing Monday morning.

Otherwise, happy shopping and I will be back to normal turnaround time on Monday 18th Jan.

Monday, 16 November 2009

New release Martha Stewart

Exciting news....I have been able to secure some of the first shipment of new release punches from Martha Stewart. They are currently in transit. Not 100% sure on delivery time, which is dependent on customs clearance.

They look like some "must haves", so I am anticipating them to be sold out quickly like the other Martha Stewart punches have! Better be quick :D

I'll put a notice on our Facebook page when they are in stock. Become a fan to get the update.

Strong US $ = Cheaper prices

With such a good exchange rate at the moment that means even better prices!

I always review the prices of products each time I upload them, particularly if it is a restock of an item that has already been in the store. So you may notice at times that prices may fluctuate a little. That is because I am giving you the best possible price I can at the time I upload the items.

I'm a bit slow at times....

Hello blog readers :D

Just wanted to update on things a little. As some of you may know, my husband and I have a small building company and that is our primary business, and also our first priority. Which means that at certain times I can't devote the time I wish I could, to the maintenance of the store and blog. If only there were more hours in the day!

My priority is always getting purchases out quickly, and I am doing that. It is time consuming sourcing pictures and listing products, but I am doing my best at present to source images for all the new stock I have sitting here, so that I can upload it and make all these new (and very cool!) products available to you.

So, if you could please be patient with me, and keep checking the store for updates, you won't be disappointed with the range of products.

Thanks to those of you who are return customers to the store. I have always tried to offer a fast turnaround and great service, and you are obviously happy with that or you wouldn't come back!

In conclusion, I have some ideas I am hoping to follow through with over the next few months, so do keep checking back, you never know what you might find!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Martha Stewart Punch

The first shipment of Martha Stewart punches flew out the door, and I have now restocked and added a few new designs.

Still working at uploading item to the store, but have been busy packing existing orders. (It's also school holidays :D)Hope to have more items up this week though.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Making Memories Pink Slice - LIMITED EDITION

Making Memories are releasing a pink edition of the Slice machine. It is to support breast cancer. It is a limited edition, once the pink model is sold out it will revert back to the current model. The new pink model will be available at the end September/ early October. I have some on order, and if anyone is interested in securing one of these limited edition machines I will have some available.

The pink limited edition outlined on the Making Memories site...

SLICE™ Think Pink™ Cordless Digital Designer is available for a limited time only. This kit includes a Pink Slice™ (of course!) and 2 design cards! Users will enjoy the fresh and feminine shapes on the new Think Pink™ Design Card and will go back to the updated Basic Elements card time and time again.

And that's not all...Making Memories will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of the Pink SLICE™ to help aid in the fight against breast cancer.

* Kit includes:
* SLICE™ Cordless Design Cutter
* Basic Elements design card
* Think Pink™design card
* 6" x 6" glass cutting mat
* 5 blades
* Blade replacement tool
* Blade adjustment wrench
* Power Cord
* Repositionable adhesive
* Basic Elements and Think Pink™ design guides
* User manual
* Foam applicator brush

RRP = $379.00

Cat's Whiskers Price = $329.00

As a special offer, for those who would like to preorder the Pink Slice, I will be including as a bonus a Making Memories Pink spatula valued at $14.95 for those who preorder before Saturday 19th September.

Preorders will require a 30% deposit. Postage for the Slice will be capped at $10. They will be sent via registered post.

If you are interested please send me an email